My Brothers Famous Bar B Q

About My Brothers Famous Bar B Q
​My Brothers Famous Bar B Sauce and Seasoning.

It all started in Hattiesburg, MS over 60 years ago.
Eddie found an old icebox, and knocked the bottom out of it. He dug a pit, and placed the icebox over it..and started barbecuing.

In 1955, He started boxing, as a Junior in High School and continued for 15 years with 389 fights.
Then He worked at Waterway Terminal, which is now Georgia Pacific.

His thoughts turned to Barbecuing once again.
He has been doing it as a business now for 40 years with His wife Josie. His children, Sonya and Shawn have also been an integral part of the business.

They have been doing business at Portland Saturday Market for the past 35 years.

Eddie has developed His Special sauce..My Brothers Famous Bar B Q sauce, 40 years ago.
He named it, because We are all Brothers and Sisters in Gods eyesight.

Eddie has also developed a special seasoning salt,and named it after His wife. "Josie Ann's Creole Seasoning."

Eddie says: Any seasoning out there on the market..

They are available for catering and sell the sauce and seasoning right here on the website.